The author of these pages is Glenda Shaw. As a professional researcher in the private sector, Ms. Shaw-Garlock has worked as a Senior Research Analyst involved in a range of projects and studies. Her responsibilities included day to day project management of various research projects including research design; development of research tools; conducting key informant interviews, participant observation and focus group; managing the deployment of surveys; client liaison and collaboration; qualitative and quantitative data interpretation and analysis; and development of reports from draft to final copy.

● Project management
● Methodological design: quantitative and qualitative and mixed approaches
● Evaluation of technologies, programs, policies
● Field Research: focus groups, diary studies, surveys, interviews (structured/semi structured)
● Client relations
● Interprets and analyzes data (SPSS, NVivo, ect.)
● Integrates multiple lines of evidence
● Mentors and coaches junior staff

As an academic professional, Glenda Shaw-Garlock conducted her doctoral research at the School of Communication, at Simon Fraser University working under the guidance of Dr. Richard Smith. Her dissertation project relates to the affection experienced within human-technology interactions. Ms. Shaw-Garlock’s research interests also include the cultural history of automatons and robotics in different cultures; the gendering of technological artifacts; the emergence of sociable and emotive technology in society; and critical perspectives on science, technology and culture. Ms. Shaw-Garlock holds a Masters in Communication from Simon Fraser University as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Communication from Simon Fraser University and the University of Northern British Columbia.

● Relationship between society & sociable technology
● Ethnographic research of technology
● Sociotechnical approaches to the study of sociable technology
● Social contexts of human-technology interaction
● Domestication of sociable technology



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